Joomla Templates

High-quality, responsive themes for Joomla 3.4 and 2.5 that have a great technical feasibility.


Feature-rich Joomla 2.5 templates that offer solid, dependable user experiences

We know that it can take a lot of time to prepare your site for a Joomla upgrade, especially one as big as Joomla 3. That's why we ensure that our collection includes a complete range of Joomla 2.5-compatible themes, with updates and fixes regularly released to keep your site running silky-smooth. With amazing style, robust free modules and professional design sensibilities from the best developers in the business, your site's in good hands.

Choose from templates made to suit a variety of businesses and websites; bar themes with menus, reservation options and more, online shopping sites with dynamic carts and product previews, freelancer layouts that highlight your best work; there's bound to be something just for you in our collection.

Powerful, clean code provides a solid foundation for our templates

Underpinning each of our robust themes is the professional, feature-rich Gavern Framework. This powerful framework acts as the base, providing useful customization features you're sure to appreciate, including:

  1. layout changes
  2. color schemes
  3. Google and Squirrel Fonts
  4. social media buttons
  5. advanced typograhy
  6. navigation
  7. copyright notice
  8. EU cookie law
  9. and more...

All these features wouldn't matter without the optimized code to keep things running smoothly. Our developers ensure that they follow all best practices to create a secure, lightweight framework and theme that will run as smoothly as humanly possible. We stay on top of all the big news in the web-development community, so you can be sure that all our products take advantage of the freshest tricks and innovations available. Enjoy HTML5-based themes with all the best that CSS3 has to offer.

Responsive templates that take advantage of the latest features Joomla 3 has to offer

Why restrict your users? With our Joomla 3 templates, you have the perfect combination of sublime design and flexible features, all wrapped up in the most up-to-date Joomla package currently available. Enjoy full-width images and layouts, modern scroll and reveal animations, and options that let you control multiple aspects of the template to make it just right for your needs, as well as a range of free modules to add more functionality for your customers.

Each template is created from the ground up by our expert team, and many include special theme-specific features that make your day easier, including sorting reservation requests for your restaurant, or ticketing integration for your event, conference or festival, not to mention additional pages like menus, FAQs, Contact and more to get your site off to a flying start.